Brown wants to watch out for rich teams: “Want ‘ridiculous increase’ budget cap”


Zak Brown warns of teams that are already trying to lobby to raise the budget cap. The argument of those teams are the six sprint races that are on the calendar in 2022 and the McLaren CEO does not want to hear about that.

The new season with all fresh technical regulations is also accompanied by a new reduction of the budget ceiling. This reduction should help bring the field closer together and also give smaller teams the opportunity to take steps forward, so that Formula 1 does not automatically become a sport where simply the team with the most money wins.

ridiculous raise

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Brown has already heard several noises from the paddock of teams aiming for a ‘ridiculous raise’, which should compensate for the six sprint races on the calendar. “Some want to take the opportunity to increase the budget cap. We are strongly against raising the budget cap, so we will have to work through this problem together,” notes.

Spirit of the sport

For the CEO, there is no reason to change. “The reality is that there was little damage last year. Still, teams want to take advantage of the situation. I have seen more crashes in free practice than in the sprint races. It may be new for some teams that they actually have to manage a budget, “But this is only in the spirit of our sport, so you just have to be able to solve your problems. We have to watch out for this problem in the future and not allow increases,” he concludes.

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