Capito about Williams eighth place: ‘We earned those points on our own’


According to Jost Capito, Williams did not earn so many points through a portion of luck, but through hard work and good results. After finishing last three years in a row, the British team has now managed to finish eighth in the Constructors’ Championship under its own steam and thanks to brave decisions.

A number of points the Williams team earned came unexpectedly according to Williams team principal Capito, but the team was always close. “When we came 11th a few times and saw that we could compete with the middle bracket, it gave us an extra boost,” Capito tells ‘You improve even more when you see that you can compete with your competitors. We have also seen that with our drivers.’

Capito: ‘George saw that he could score points with it’

The 63-year-old team boss sees that the attitude of his drivers has changed: “They got a different form of motivation when they could get involved in a duel and not just do laps at the back of the field.” The German gives an example in which that motivation and combativeness was reflected. ‘In Barcelona we saw a duel between George (Russell ed.) and Fernando (Alonso ed.) which was really fantastic to see. It gave George so much confidence that he saw that the car wasn’t that bad and that he could score points with it.”

Not only the drivers’ commitment was important, but also Williams’ tactics were important during this season. For example, thanks to a few choices, the team managed to score points during the race in Hungary. “The team made some brave decisions during that race to hold onto a spot in the points. We earned those points on our own, because we could have lost the position just like that. Then you haven’t done your job well.’

Most points during the Belgian Grand Prix

“We were in the points with both cars during that race and then we wanted more. We performed well for a number of races then,” says Capito. Williams earned the most points during the Belgian Grand Prix. Russell managed to drive his car to P2 during qualifying. As the race lasted only three laps and those laps were done behind the safety car, Russell finished second in the Grand Prix. Williams has delivered its best result since 2017 with eighth position in the Constructors’ Championship.

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