Capito targets Latifi after Russell leaves: “That’s an opportunity for Nicky”


Williams CEO and team principal Jost Capito expects Nicholas Latifi to have a chance to shine now that George Russell has left for Mercedes. The Canadian is entering his third season with Williams and will also have a new teammate in Alexander Albon.

Russell has been knocking on the door at Mercedes for a while and next season he will have his chance with the German top team. The young Briton received many compliments for his performance, yet team-mate Latifi was never very far away. However, the Canadian could not count on the rave reviews.

“As Fast as George”

The transfer from Russell to Mercedes should give Latifi the chance to shine. Capito endorses that at GPFans, in an interview at the end of the season: “Absolutely, that’s an opportunity for Nicky.” He emphasizes that the Canadian has been working on a strong run for some time: “I don’t think Nicky was demotivated or anything like that, because he was often as fast as George, but the results didn’t show it.” He was often unlucky in qualifying, where through no fault of his own Latifi could not always show that he was as fast as the Briton.

Good in the race

With the departure of Russell and the arrival of Albon, it is up to Latifi to lead the way at Williams. Capito thinks Latifi is ready for the lead role: “His performance in the races was really good.” The ball is therefore with the Canadian himself: “I think he can try it this year, there is no doubt about that.”

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