Christian Horner provides update on Red Bull Racing’s 2022 car


Red Bull Racing

Now that the 2021 Formula 1 season is officially over, all teams are completely focusing on next year. In 2022 there will be a major regulation change, whereby a completely new car has to be built. Red Bull Racing focused on winning the world championship last year, but the Austrians do not feel that the new car has suffered as a result.

Christian Horner, team principal of Red Bull Racing, indicates that he has every confidence in the boys and girls of the team from Milton Keynes. The fact that they have focused on 2021 for a long time does not have to mean that they will be behind in 2022. But Horner cannot rule out anything, especially when it comes to Ferrari.

The Italians halted development of the 2021 car very early in the season to fully focus on 2022. Should Ferrari suddenly be seconds faster than Red Bull, Horner knows that they pushed too long last year.

“When Ferrari arrives at the first race with the fastest car and drives around us, you know we have gone on too long. But I think every team knew long enough that a big rule change was coming and we used our resources in the right ways. I’m sure every team has done what they thought would be best.” Horner told RN365.

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