Coronel brothers lose a lot of time in Dakar: “A setback”


After they went into the rest day on Friday in place seventeen in the standings, Tim and Tom Coronel did not perform very well on Sunday during stage seven of the Dakar Rally 2022. This had several reasons. In conversation with FPAL tells Coronel about the day of the twins in Saudi Arabia.

“It was a fairly fast test. A lot over stones with a thin layer of sand on it. So that was a lot of drifting, sliding. So we shot through a bit here and there, but the car just held up well. He hasn’t flinched.”

At least. At the start of the ride Coronel and co. immediately a lot of time due to a setback. “Only a flat tire at the beginning. We had a small setback. After about three kilometers we got a flat tire and that cost us 3 or 4 minutes. Maybe a bit too enthusiastic, maybe just bad luck”, Coronel says shoulders.

Back pain kills Tim

On Friday, Tim Coronel shot in the back during the sixth stage. The driver was very bothered by it and was only just able to climb out of his car. After being massaged for a day, he still noticed on Sunday that it was not quite right. That took a considerable amount of time.

“Tim is at 75%, let me say. Something like that,” Tom says. “He still has problems with his back. We miss the racing mode a bit because of that. We try to be a bit more careful with compression, when the car goes down. You notice that too and because of that you see that we lose a lot of speed .”

But it is what it is, Tom also knows, who logically thinks the physical condition of his twin brother is the most important. “Health is of course more important, so we hope it gets a little better every day. He’s back with the masseur tonight,” he says.

Coronel: “It should be okay”

During the stage, the brothers also had to deal with a lot of huge dunes. Not good for Tim’s back, and the duo lost a lot of time. “We had quite a bit of dunes, category L2, which means they are quite difficult. Then we just can’t make any speed, not even at all.”

“Normally Tim is actually very good in the dunes. You can see that he is careful there and still in pain. That certainly took us, I dare say, fifteen minutes. It is what it is, we want drive it out. Soon Tim will be back on the massage table and then it should be fine,” says Tom.

Tim and Tom Coronel are still in the top twenty in the standings. They did drop a bit, to place nineteen.

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