Dakar adventure 2022 is over for the Coronel brothers


Tim and Tom Coronel have had to stop their adventure in the Dakar rally. Tim Coronel suffered a back injury last Friday and the racing twins do not think it is justified to continue.

The two brothers, born with a racing heart, have of course tried that, but it did not go well on Saturday. In the seventh stage, the brothers were forced to drive with the handbrake on due to the injury that Tim suffered on Friday after a hard landing while bouncing through the sand dunes of Saudi Arabia.

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During the rest day on Sunday, Tim was treated by the physiotherapist, but that also did not help. “Health comes first”, his brother Tom knows no doubt that quitting is the right decision. “Tim can barely walk.” So halfway through the Dakar, the desert adventure is over for the two.

“Next year there will be another”, Tom Coronel puts the assignment into perspective. The Coronels have been regular guests at the Dakar rally for years. Tim has fifteen to his name, Tom ten. The two drove a new buggy this time, the Century CR6. That went very well until it went wrong. The speed was there and the Coronels were in good shape in the standings.

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