Dakar favorite returns to the top after remission of severe punishment


Last Wednesday, Giniel de Villiers drove his Toyota Hilux over the machine of one of the motorcycle racers. The engine was a total loss and the driver in question was unable to continue on his way. De Villiers offered to compensate the damage and to pay the registration fee for next year and that was the end of the day for the motorcycle racer, but the organization decided otherwise.

New and Significant Evidence

De Villiers subsequently appealed the sentence. Toyota Gazoo Racing provided new and significant evidence and the FIA ​​was receptive to it. In the end it was decided to remove the penalty in its entirety, so that De Villiers moves up in the standings to P4, more than fifty minutes from classification leader and teammate Nasser Al-Attiyah.

The functioning of the warning system, the so-called Sentinel system, was of decisive importance. That system warns for surrounding opponents. However, investigations showed that De Villiers was warned by the system only two seconds before the collision. It was judged that this was not enough time to take evasive action.

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