Davidson would not be surprised by Alonso’s regret after burning down Honda at McLaren


Anthony Davidson wonders if Fernando Alonso has any doubts about how he has treated Honda. It was, among other things, the critical tone of the Spaniard that damaged the relationship between Honda and McLaren in the middle of last decade to such an extent that it broke down between the two parties. Now that Honda has experienced a resurgence, Davidson says he may regret it.

Alonso saw the Japanese motorcycle manufacturer make great strides in recent years. It culminated in a 2021 season with Red Bull Racing in which Max Verstappen was able to take the title. The Honda engine is closer to the Mercedes engine in power than the Renault and Ferrari engine. The ‘GP2’ engine that Alonso talked about at McLaren is therefore little more noticeable.

“I’m curious how he has looked at Honda, now that they have such a strong power source,” Davidson told Motorsport.com. “Would he think: ‘If only McLaren had kept working with Honda and I had just kept driving there?'” Had Honda made the same development effort for the team from Woking, the two-time world champion in recent years might have been able to reach podiums fight.

Davidson: “If they still had that engine in the car and Fernando had stayed with McLaren, the Formula 1 world would have looked very different now.” Not only because of the fact that McLaren would in principle have its own supplier, but also because of the extra budget that was released. ‘They could have put that into the development of the car otherwise.’

Davidson is disappointed with Honda departure

Davidson is disappointed that Honda is pulling the plug on the F1 project after 2021. According to him, it adds a lot to F1 when such major car brands commit to the sport. “The sport is lifted to a higher level when a party like Honda goes all out. I have no idea what impact it will have on Red Bull. After all, stability is very important.’

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