Domenicali: ‘Until Brazil, Verstappen was calm, now he drives more aggressively’


Stefano Domenicali does not think Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton will determine the title fight with a crash. It would be a shame if the two drivers ran into each other at the Abu Dhabi track and it ended in tears. The Formula 1 CEO is confident that they will keep it tidy, but sees that the two competitors have both turned a switch in Brazil.

“I am convinced that this opportunity for Verstappen, as well as Hamilton’s possibility to immortalize himself even further in this sport, will not be harmed by unacceptable behavior,” the CEO of Sky Sports F1 said. quoted by Corriere dello Sport. Earlier, Alain Prost indicated that he did not expect a collision and the former Ferrari man agrees.

“I’m sure they will both maximize from the start and give everything. If they do this in a negative way, it won’t do anyone any good,” he added. If the title is ultimately determined by a crash, it would put the sport in a bad light, while the eventual winner carries such a title with him for the rest of his life.

Verstappen and Hamilton change

Domenicali thinks the men have gone a step further in the last game. The turning point at which the riders decided not to give a millimeter more came for both men in Brazil. “In a fight like that you see the drivers change. Verstappen was calm until Brazil, now he drives more aggressively,” the Italian notes.

For Hamilton, that moment also came after Saturday in Brazil. I therefore expect a fair fight’, he concludes. As a side note about the 2021 title battle, he hopes that a third team will report to the top of the field next year. Domenicali, who has held a top position at Ferrari for years, hopes it will be the Italian racing stable.

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