Domenicali: “Without restrictions, 30 races a year would be possible”


Stefano Domenicali believes a 30 grands prix season would be possible if there were no restrictions. However, according to the CEO of the Formula One Group, that is not the way the sport should go.

The Formula 1 calendar will have no fewer than 23 races next season, a record number. Good news for fans, but it still causes mixed reactions. Such a schedule demands a lot from all staff. From driver, to mechanic to truck driver. In particular, the still ongoing pandemic also makes it extra difficult to return home between races. For example, Daniel Ricciardo has not set foot on Australian soil for over a year due to quarantine obligations.

Without limitations

According to Domenicali, it would certainly be possible to increase the number of races to, for example, 30, although the Italian immediately notes that Formula 1 should not go that way: “I think that without restrictions, which we should rightly respect, we could easily reach an agreement for more than 30 races,” Italy’s Tuttosport is quoted as saying. “But we can’t go in this direction.”


The Italian continues: “It would pose a problem, especially in terms of strategy, logistics and circuits to choose from. We want to understand what the best races are so that we can build a stable foundation.” It is not excluded that Formula 1 will rotate in terms of destinations in the future. “Those are all projects we are currently working on.”

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