‘Don’t understand how we could close a gap with a two-year-old car’


Haas F1 team principal Günther Steiner is surprised that his team was able to close the gap to teams like Williams and Alfa Romeo in the final races of 2021. Steiner emphasizes that his team did not develop further and that the other teams should therefore have a bigger lead: “But maybe they were slowing down.”

It has not been an easy season for Haas. The team soon gave up on the 2021 season and set their sights on 2022. With the new rules, Haas hopes to return to the form of 2018 and before, when it showed itself more in the midfield. Before that, it first had to endure the misery in 2021: the team scored zero points and there were few real highlights for the team, where Mick Schumacher and Nikita Mazepin sometimes provided the heated moments.

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Not much to cheer about for Haas, but for team boss Günther Steiner it remains important that the staff remains motivated. “You have to make sure that people don’t become complacent, get used to it and then stop trying to do their best,” Steiner told Motorsport.com. “You have to tell them that they haven’t done anything bad and that it will all get better, but our car just hasn’t developed further. It is also obvious that if you do nothing for a year, it will end this way,” said Steiner about last place for his team.

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Although Haas only took one update in 2021, the team suddenly managed to get close to Williams and Alfa Romeo in the final races of the season. “I couldn’t believe we were only a tenth or two from midfield. I don’t get that, we have a car that is almost two years old. The rest should have increased the lead as they developed. The last two races were strange. In Saudi Arabia, a long circuit, we were only one and a half tenths short. In the race we competed with one of the Williamses. Maybe they were slowing down?” Steiner wonders.

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