Driver’s title for us the most important title


Verstappen won his first world championship at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix after overtaking Lewis Hamilton on the very last lap of the race. Despite winning the drivers’ title, the teams’ championship once again went to competitor Mercedes. Although the fans are more focused on the drivers’ title, the focus of the teams is often on the constructors’ title. This is because the formations mainly earn their income based on the results of the teams. Also, bonuses for team members are often based on that result.

Competitive nature of this title is not normal

Christian Horner

Despite Red Bull earning less than Mercedes this year, it is clear to Horner that it will not change for his team. “The money is with the constructors,” says the Brit. “That’s where the revenue that comes in to the sport is split. This is based on the performance in the championship. I think every team member with us, and probably most teams, is rewarded based on where they stand in the Constructors’ Championship. This is in contrast to the Drivers’ Championship. It is clear that the Drivers’ Championship is more popular and has more prestige. However, I don’t think any employee of our company would want to trade first place in the Drivers’ Championship for the same place in the teams.”

Horner said Max Verstappen’s reception at the Red Bull factory in Milton Keynes showed how much appreciation the staff have for that championship. “If you saw the reactions Max got when he visited the factory. Everyone is very proud of what he has achieved. Of course the Constructors’ Championship is important because of the revenue distribution. The difference between, for example, first and second place is many millions. But the prestige “It’s the drivers title that’s the most important thing. That’s what you want to get. It meant so much to achieve that.”

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Red Bull Racing ends Mercedes dominance

Red Bull is the first team to end Mercedes’ title dominance in the hybrid era. According to Horner, the Red Bull success again feels like a first reward for hard work. “This one feels just as special as the first title,” the team boss continues. “The intensity and competitive nature of this [titel] is really not normal. The fact that we had to compete with Lewis [Hamilton] and Mercedes, opponents of unbelievable quality, has meant that we have had to go much further than we initially thought possible.”

“I think it means even more to us because we’re in the hybrid era. Mercedes has been so dominant and really destroyed the competition. We finally managed to build a competitive car and Max [Verstappen] grabbed it with both hands. We are extremely proud to finish at the top of the most important championship in motorsport and we are also very proud of what Max has achieved.”

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