Ecclestone: “Hamilton robbed of world title? Complete nonsense”


Bernie Ecclestone has his heart on his sleeve, as it turns out when he speaks out about the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Where Lewis Hamilton and Mercedes feel robbed, Ecclestone calls this “complete nonsense”. The former Formula 1 owner believes that Hamilton should not whine so much.

After the closing race in Abu Dhabi, in which the title eventually went to Max Verstappen, there was a lot of criticism of the FIA, especially towards race director Michael Masi. The Australian is said to have made the wrong decision, especially during the Safety Car moment in the final phase. Ecclestone is not necessarily a fan of Masi, but believes the FIA ​​chief has acted correctly in Abu Dhabi. “He has been overwhelmed by his job in many cases and maybe he shouldn’t have got this job at all, but letting them (Hamilton and Verstappen) race was the right decision,” the Briton told Bild.

Hamilton and Mercedes disagree with Ecclestone, as the latter appealed to the FIA ​​after the race, while Hamilton has not been heard from since. The driver from Stevenage would feel robbed and already let it be known over the on-board radio that the race had been manipulated. Ecclestone told Sky Sports that he absolutely does not agree with this. “About being robbed, that’s complete nonsense,” said the 91-year-old businessman.

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Ecclestone cites the same example Nico Rosberg did before, that Hamilton was not penalized in the early stages of the race, while he kept ahead of Verstappen by cutting the track. “If you think about it, he (Hamilton) went off the track on the first lap of the race and came back, while Verstappen stayed on track and did absolutely nothing wrong.”

Ecclestone continued: “Lewis was not penalized for that at all, so he shouldn’t complain too much. These things happen in the sport all the time. We shouldn’t blame the race director, he did exactly the right thing to do .”

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