“Entire F1 field at the end of 2022 within one and a half seconds”


You can’t get much more exciting than the 2021 Formula 1 season. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner already acknowledged that even Hollywood writers couldn’t have come up with this script. Despite the tension at the top of the field, a number of surprising winners and notable podium customers, we have to wait and see what 2022 will bring. The technical regulations are completely upside down, which can really mess up the field. Still, there is full confidence within the FIA ​​that the regulations will make the sport better.

The purpose of the new regulations is twofold, explains FIA’s technical director Nikolas Tombazis once again. On the one hand it is about bringing the field closer together, on the other hand the drivers must be able to follow each other better and longer. The technical expert is convinced that the first goal can already be achieved at the end of next season, he says Auto Motor und Sport know: “Currently there is about three seconds between the first and last car. We hope that by the end of 2022 it will only be one and a half seconds.”

Besides the question of what the new regulations do for the action on the track, it remains to be seen what the impact will be on the lap time. Earlier there was talk of a loss of time of about three seconds, although a maximum loss of one and a half seconds was later mentioned. Tombazis thinks it will be one than three seconds, but doesn’t want to be pinned down: “I’m still a bit cautious. We don’t know how the new 18-inch tires, the switch to E10 fuel and the handling of the cars will turn out.”

Formula 1 unity sausage in 2022?

Many fans fear that due to the limited development space, the cars will all look the same. The former McLaren and Ferrari engineer sees it differently: “It depends on how closely you look. The details will certainly be different. More at the beginning than later in the season when all teams know the right way. If we are honest, the current cars also look quite the same. In 2019, we showed images with the cars completely white to the team bosses. Even they didn’t recognize all the cars.”

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