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In the ‘F1 in brief’ section, F1Maximum keeps you informed of the latest news from the premier class of motorsport that just doesn’t qualify for an extensive mention, but is of course relevant to mention on the website.

Ferrari presents new names for Drivers Academy

Ferrari has presented the composition of the Ferrari Drivers Academy for 2022. This year there are nine names on the list, including seven men and two women. A striking fact is that none of these drivers is active in Formula 2, the highest support class of Formula 1. Instead, some participate in F3, others in F4 and a few in Formula Regional. Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto wishes his pupils good luck. ‘In 2022, 20% of the grid will consist of FDA students. The dream, of course, is to move up to the main team, just like Charles Leclerc. I wish everyone good luck and fun, because racing driver is one of the best jobs on the planet.”

F1 uses F2 and F3 as guinea pigs for biofuel introduction

Formula 1 is in the process of transitioning to the use of synthetic fuels. This transition will already be initiated in 2022 with the introduction of a fuel that must be of 10 percent sustainable origin, called E10 fuel. When F1 wants to use fully sustainable fuel in 2026, they will first test in the junior classes to what extent this plan is feasible, RaceFans reports. The F2 and F3 will therefore first use the changed technology.

Jos Verstappen participates in Dubai 24 Hours this weekend

Jos Verstappen will get behind the wheel again this weekend. The former Formula 1 driver will participate in the Dubai 24 Hours, he announced via his Instagram. The last time Verstappen took part in an official event was in 2009 when Max Verstappen’s father took part in the 24 Hours of Le Mans.

Hamilton describes his driving style in one word

Lewis Hamilton has been asked 44 questions about himself for a promotional video of Petronas, obviously a reference to his race number. In these 44 questions, he was also asked how he would describe his own driving style. “Aggressive,” was his reply. How did he respond to the rest of the questions? You can see it below.

W Series has unofficial plans for feeder series

David Coulthard, chairman of the W Series board, has indicated that there are unofficial plans for a feeder series. The female motorsport class therefore, just like Formula 1, wants a subclass (for F1, these are F2, F3, F4) in which young talent can gain experience until they are ready for the W Series itself. “I can’t say anything officially yet, but we do have unofficial plans to use championships in South America, Asia and worldwide to facilitate the flow of talent,” the Scotsman reported according to Formula Scout.

Williams in favor: old sponsor must transfer 30 million

The federal court in the United States has ruled that former Williams sponsor ROKiT owes tens of millions of euros to the Formula 1 team. At the beginning of 2019, the parties entered into a partnership, which was extended a few months later until 2023. At the beginning of 2020, however, ROKiT withdrew from that sponsorship deal and then refused to transfer the contractual sponsorship money. ROKiT has now been rejected in court and it still owes Williams about 31.5 million euros.

Nürburgring puts F1 in the queue: ‘There are economic conditions’

The Nürburgring says it is still interested in organizing Grand Prix weekends in the future. Last year the circuit was a replacement for the turned-up calendar of Formula 1. This year there was no German Grand Prix on the calendar and next year no race will be organized at the eastern neighbors. “We can still well imagine a Formula 1 race at the Nürburgring, but there are economic preconditions,” said Alexander Gerhard, chief of communications at the German RTL. The only options for a return from the circuit are if Formula 1 wants to share the risks with the organizers or if the entire circuit is rented out. A possible third possibility is that the Nürburgring and the Hockenheimring will alternate the German Grand Prix in the future.

‘Hamilton sells unique Pagani car for 10 million euros’

According to the Italian Quattroruote, Lewis Hamilton has sold his Pagani Zonda 760 LH. The unique supercar, specially made for the Briton, is a unique construction with 760 hp and a 7.3 liter V12 engine from Mercedes AMG. The car was a true attraction on the streets of Monaco for years and Hamilton also had a collision with it in 2015. According to the Italian magazine, Hamilton wants to leave those bad memories behind and the Pagani would have been sold to a new owner for 10 million euros. .

Petition to make Hamilton champion receives tens of thousands of signatures

On the website Change.org is a petition to ensure that Lewis Hamilton will be designated as world champion. The seven-time world champion lost the lead in the Abu Dhabi race after a controversial decision by race management, after which Max Verstappen eventually won the race and the title. According to the authors of the petition, this is unjust and this mistake must be reversed. The petition has already been signed about forty thousand times, FormulaPassion reports. Mercedes itself has decided not to appeal, so the chance that this petition will change anything is nil.

Mercedes back to traditional gray livery in 2022

According to the German Bild, the Mercedes team is going back to the well-known gray livery. The ‘Silver Arrows’ have ridden in the black for the past two years in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton has been trying to fight for equality within the sport for years and also made several statements of support around the races in 2020.

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FIA received twice as much fine in 2021 as the season before

According to figures from Auto, Motor und Sport, the FIA ​​has fared better this season than in 2020. The organization behind Formula 1 had its stewards perform a total of 96 times, an average of 4.3 times per Grand Prix. That number is comparable to the previous season, but 2021 was very different in terms of collecting fines: last season the teams together deposited €113,400 into the FIA’s fine account, more than €60,000 more than the previous season.

Verstappen wins another prize for his performance in 2021

Max Verstappen can add another prize to his trophy cabinet: The Red Bull driver was awarded during the ‘SIMMY Awards’, the prize gala for the sim racing world, organized by the umbrella organization VCO. Just like in 2020, Verstappen won the title of ‘Best Real World Pro’, in other words the best sim driver who is also active in real life as a professional driver.

Mercedes tested wireless wheelgun during Abu Dhabi test days

During the test days in Abu Dhabi at the end of the Formula 1 season, the Mercedes team tested a wireless wheelgun, Japanese Autosport reports. This invention may make pit stops easier for mechanics, but that’s not what it was tested for. The sport wants to switch to a climate neutral policy and the wireless wheelgun is part of that. The tools will be easier to transport and will also consume less electricity. There is therefore a chance that teams will start working with new tools next season.

Domenicali: ‘Hamilton comes back even more motivated’

For a while there has been complete radio silence around Lewis Hamilton. The Briton may be considering leaving Formula 1 following the Abu Dhabi race incident. Stefano Domenicali will not comment on the safety car situation during the final race of the season, but does think the seven-time world champion will simply remain in the sport. “Now Hamilton has a period of rest,” the Formula 1 CEO is quoted by La Gazzetta dello Sport. “I think once his batteries are recharged, he will be even hungrier for his eighth world title.”

Marko: ‘With Lauda, ​​the battle had not escalated so much’

Helmut Marko said the battle between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing would not have escalated as much had Niki Lauda been with Mercedes as non-executive chairman. Lauda passed away in 2019 at the age of 70. Over the season, the rivalry between the two teams spiraled somewhat out of control, with much public criticism and competition from race officials. That would have been different with Lauda, ​​Marko tells ServusTV: ‘It would certainly have been tough, because he doesn’t like losing either’, says the Austrian about the former world champion. “But it would have gone with more calm.”

Verstappen contract extension at Red Bull may already be in the winter

After winning the world title in Abu Dhabi, Max Verstappen was ecstatic about his team, Red Bull Racing. “I hope we can continue to do this for another ten, fifteen years,” said the Dutchman after his win. “I want to stay with Red Bull forever.” It seems that the Dutchman will indeed stay with the team for the longer term, confirms Helmut Marko. His contract currently runs until 2023, but an extension may already be coming this winter. “We will discuss and possibly conclude an extension,” Marko said, quoted by Sky Sports Deutschland. “He’s the fastest, most consistent and most aggressive driver we’ve ever had.”

Former F1 driver Alesi arrested after ‘joke’ with fireworks

Former Formula 1 driver Jean Alesi has been arrested after setting off fireworks in his brother-in-law’s office. Alesi calls it a bad joke himself, but the Frenchman risks a hefty fine and possible jail time, L’Equipe reports. Alesi’s sister is currently going through a divorce and the ex-driver decided to set off fireworks in his brother-in-law’s office. The window frames exploded, causing more damage than intended, Alesi said.

FIA raises minimum weight for 2022 cars

The minimum weight for the new generation of cars that will start racing in 2022 will be increased. The latest FIA technical regulations have added three kilograms in weight to the minimum amount. The car can now weigh at least 795 kilograms, RaceFans reports. The cars will be 43 kilograms heavier than the cars that were on the circuits this season.

Former Formula 1 driver Zanardi leaves hospital after eighteen months

Former Formula 1 driver Alex Zanardi is finally out of hospital after eighteen months. The 55-year-old Italian was fatally injured on June 19, 2020 in an accident with a truck. Zanardi had to undergo brain surgery four times during his recovery to stay alive. “After his long stay in the hospital, it is important that he is back with his family,” Zanardi’s wife says, quoted by NU.nl.

Verstappen seizes next to prestigious BBC sports prize

Max Verstappen was nominated for the British broadcaster BBC’s ‘World Sport Star of the Year’ prize, but has missed that prize. In addition to the Red Bull driver, tennis player Novak Djokovic and athlete Elaine Thompson-Herah were nominated, but in the end jockey Rachael Blackmore took the prize. Earlier this year, the Irish became the first female jockey to win the famous Grand National horse race.

Alpine ambitious: ‘Could help to be a contender for the World Cup in 2024’

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, is optimistic about the future of his team. “Our goal is to be able to win regularly in the coming period,” Rossi told Speedweek.com. “Next season everyone will be back to zero. We can benefit from our experience as we see that Formula 1 is increasingly about simulations. All of this will contribute to our progress towards being a contender for the World Cup in 2024.”

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