Ferrari fully focused on 2022: ‘Battle with McLaren changed nothing’


Laurent Mekies, director of the Ferrari team, states that the Italian racing stable has not thought for a moment to further develop the 2021 car. Ferrari has focused throughout the season on the new car for the upcoming season. The team from Maranello hopes to close the gap with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing next year. Despite this season’s battle with McLaren, the SF-21 has not been tinkered with.

Both Mattia Binotto and Carlos Sainz made it clear earlier this year that Ferrari’s focus was on the changing regulations of 2022. Mekies confirms these statements. “We never doubted our choice for a moment,” the Frenchman is quoted as saying by “We made it clear from the start of the season that we would focus on 2022.”

This season suddenly turned into an intense battle for third place in the constructors’ championship with McLaren. Ferrari eventually beat the British racing stable. “We were still quite far from McLaren at the start of the year, but at some point we started to score more consistently. Still, we decided not to do anything to the car anymore except to change the hybrid systems.’

‘Differences in the midfield small’

Mercedes and Red Bull were by far the best in the field this year. The teams in the midfield were regularly in battle with each other. ‘The differences between the teams were very small’, continues Mekies. “I think our change only became decisive in the last quarter of the season. Still, it was difficult to see the true speed of the car, as we were constantly competing with other cars on the track. Adapting to our hybrid systems will also be important in the coming years’, says Mekies.

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