“Ferrari has been able to close the gap with Red Bull and Mercedes on power”


According to various Italian media, Ferrari has found a lot of horsepower after a new fuel mixture. The engine gap to Red Bull and Mercedes would have been closed by the new E10 fuel. The new fuel will arrive in plenty of time for the engine freezes in F1.

With a view to sustainability within F1, Ferrari has made the switch to a fuel mixture of 90 percent fossil fuel and 10 percent ethanol. From 2022, this will be mandatory for all teams in the premier league. The introduction of ethanol into the mixture is reportedly a hugely difficult task for the F1 teams, but Ferrari has already managed to make up for the number of horsepower.

According to Motorsport Italy The Ferrari power source of 2022 with the new fuel is already faster than the engine that was used in the closing phase of 2021. This makes it seem that the Italian racing stable is clambering back towards the status of top team.

Shell has worked hard on a solution

Shell, a major Ferrari partner, has carried out the analysis and study of the fuels for the new F1 regulations. In collaboration with the Scuderia, it has been possible to recover the loss in power in the new E10 fuel.

According to the Italians, the first results of the new 2022 power source on the test bench show that the gap to Honda and Mercedes has been closed. Ferrari’s results are even better than initially expected. As always, it has yet to be proven on the asphalt. How strong the reliability of the engine is also remains the question.

Speaking to select members of the media, including FPAL, team boss Mattia Binotto explained that a lot of work has been done at Maranello. “Looking at last year (2020), straight-line speed was a serious problem.”

“I think if we compare to last year, a lot of progress has been made. There is a gap with the best, but the gap is closing and I’m pretty sure we will continue to improve,” said Binotto, which emphasizes that there is enormous pushing to prepare the power source for the engine freeze.

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