Ferrari looks open-minded to 2022: ‘Car design completely different’


Mattia Binotto sees that a lot of concepts on the Ferrari car have changed compared to the 2021 car. Both the aerodynamics of the Formula 1 cars and the power source are being overhauled as a result of the change in regulations. Binotto sees that the entire combustion engine must be completely adapted in order to work properly with the new E10 fuel. In 2019 Ferrari ran into problems after a change to the power source.

The fuel of the new power source of the Formula 1 cars must contain ten percent ethanol. As a result, the entire layout of the engines has to be changed. “In fact, everything has been adapted to the power source, except the hybrid systems,” the Ferrari team boss told The Race. ‘The new regulations mainly had an impact on the internal combustion engine. We had to pay extra attention to that.’

Not only the layout of the power source at Ferrari will look different. Binotto promises that the team will also look very different in appearance. “We had to look at it without prejudice. We looked at the concept of the car and we had to see what could and could not be done. We will make a lot of changes to the external shapes, but also, for example, to the entire suspension. The entire design will be very different from the 2021 car.”

Ferrari wants to grow further

Ferrari did not expect to finish third in the constructors’ championship last season. Binotto is happy that new regulations are imminent. Without these rules, the Italian would not have expected the team to be able to compete with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. “Now it’s important for us to keep growing. The new regulations are a great opportunity for us to close the gap to the top. As Ferrari, we have to compete again for the wins,” said Binotto.

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