Ferrari: ‘Masi had the most difficult job in the world in Abu Dhabi’


Mattia Binotto believes FIA race director Michael Masi had “the most difficult track in the world” during the controversial season finale in Abu Dhabi. The Ferrari team boss emphasizes that he is prepared to enter into discussions with the other team bosses, the FIA ​​and F1 to prevent such situations in the future.

The controversial final phase of the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix has been stirring things up a lot in recent weeks. Michael Masi, in particular, has come under considerable fire. After a late Safety Car, there was actually too little time to let all the vehicles behind pass by. Masi therefore decided to only take out the drivers behind Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, so that the two could fight their title battle on the track. This allowed Verstappen to seize the lead in the race and thus also the championship in the nick of time.

Afterwards, the Australian was unbelievably criticized. He would have influenced the outcome of the championship with his decision. Binotto does not agree with all the criticism and states that Masi could not have done well. “As far as what happened in Abu Dhabi, I think someone would always have been unhappy no matter what decision they made,” Binotto told media outlets, including GPFans. “I think he had the hardest job in the world at that time.”

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Binotto confirms that the topic was discussed at the last World Council Meeting in 2021. “It is important for everyone that lessons are learned, if there are indeed any. I see within the F1 committee what can be important. We have discussed all events and situations and determined whether there is room for improvement for the future. That is the mandate of the World Council, that is the most important.” Binotto has also suggested more talks will follow in 2022.

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“As Ferrari, we would be happy to sit down with the other team bosses, the FIA ​​and F1 and discuss whether they could have done it differently,” the Italian continued. “It would be wrong for me to judge the decision because I really believe it was a difficult decision. It seems there is good reasoning why they did it that way. But maybe something could have been done differently, that’s hard to judge. As I said, one would be happy and the other wouldn’t. No doubt about it.”

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