Ferrari recruited engineers from Red Bull and Mercedes to try to uncover secrets


Bee La Gazzetta dello Sport it has been revealed that Ferrari has hijacked engineers from Red Bull Racing and Mercedes. In an effort to figure out where the competition’s strength lies, engineers have been recruited to provide Ferrari with an insight into what’s going on in Milton Keynes and Brackley. Ferrari has also called on former car designer Rory Byrne for 2022, who has experience with cars that make use of ground effect.

The Italian medium discusses Ferrari’s structure for the 2022 season. Much remains the same, although new acquisitions have been made that come from direct competitors. “The backbone of the development department and the aerodynamic department remains the same,” suggests editor Luigi Perna. “David Sanchez heads the department and reports to Enrico Cardile, the head of the single-seater project.”

“Mattia Binotto wanted stability and was confident that his current group would do well. But Ferrari has also attracted reinforcements,” Perna reports. “Engineers have been taken over from Red Bull Racing and Mercedes to understand what the competition is doing.” Ferrari has mainly decided to take a look at the workforce of the two top teams in order to gain knowledge of what these competitors are up to.

With these new powers, Ferrari wants to make its way back to the top, but there are still a few factors that could throw a spanner in the works in Italy. “Of course the competitiveness of the Ferrari of 2022 will depend largely on the power unit, but that is a discussion for another time,” Perna continued. “The same goes for the 18 inch tires, none of the teams know how those tires are going to affect performance.”

Ferrari counts on ‘super consultant’

To understand how to take maximum advantage of the ground effect that will be driven from 2022, Ferrari has decided to use an old acquaintance with experience. The aforementioned Byrne spent many years as chief designer with the team from Maranello, also designing cars during the period when F1 cars made use of ground effect – an aerodynamic concept that will return in 2022.

‘Ferrari uses ‘super consultant’ Byrne, who brings experience from the 1980s. It will be in the details, and it becomes very important that those details are uncovered as early as possible,” he concluded. With the help of competitors’ engineers and Byrne’s knowledge, the team appears to have put together a solid plan for developing next year’s car.

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