Ferrari sees very positive development regarding 2022 power source


The Ferrari team is positive about the new power source of 2022, reports Formula 1 is moving towards a climate neutral policy and the teams within the sport have to drive with more sustainable fuel that will partly consist of ethanol. Some of the horsepower is lost as a result, but Ferrari is reporting positive noises. The team seems to have recovered the lost power.

The Ferrari and Shell team have been partners for quite some time now. The collaboration was initially purely in the field of sponsorship and the supply of fuel. This year, Shell has taken on the task of researching the new E10 fuel that will be used in Formula 1 from next season. With this, the sport should take a further step towards a more climate neutral policy. The first tests are positive.

Ferrari team principal Mattia Binotto said the new fuel would cause the powerplant to lose about 20 horsepower. It seems that the collaboration between Ferrari and Shell is already paying off as this problem seems to have already been resolved. In addition, the team from Maranello is trying to close the gap with Mercedes and Red Bull Racing. The team will only find out in March whether the work on the new engine has actually been sufficient.

Use of ethanol part of regulations 2022

The Formula 1 teams will be subject to a variety of changes to the sport’s regulations. This changes the entire aerodynamic structure of the cars. In addition, a change in the fuel mix is ​​introduced. Ten percent must now consist of biofuels and ethanol. As a result, all manufacturers have to adjust the layout of their power source.

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