FIA chief expects a better Formula 1 in 2022: “Teams will be closer together”


FIA technical director Nikolas Tombazis hopes the difference between the fastest and slowest car next year will be within half a second. At the moment that gap was almost three seconds, but that should change with the new regulations.

Next season, Formula 1 will enter a new era. The cars will be drastically changed and driving will also be different. The aim of the new car is to promote racing. On the one hand, the drivers should be able to follow each other better because of the new cars, on the other hand the difference between the teams should be smaller. Tombazis is convinced that this will work, he tells Auto Motor und Sport: “At the moment there is about three seconds between the first and the last car. Let’s hope that by the end of 2022 this will only be one and a half.” seconds.”

More changes

In addition to the cars, new 18-inch tires are also introduced and the fuel is changed. Lap times are expected to increase. Previously thought to be three seconds, Tombazis suspects it will be just one second. “I don’t care, because we don’t know how the switch to 18-inch tires, the E10 fuel and the handling of the cars will work out in practice.”

creative freedom

The new rules limit the creative freedom of the smart minds of the teams. Formula 1 will therefore become more like Formula 2. Many fans are therefore afraid that the cars will resemble each other too much. “It depends on how closely you look. The details will be different. More at the beginning than later in the season,” said Tombazis. In addition, the FIA ​​CEO emphasizes that appearance is not everything: “In 2019 we showed images with the cars completely white to the team bosses. Even they did not recognize all the cars.”

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