Fittipaldi: ‘Very important for Verstappen to win that title’


Emerson Fittipaldi has shone his light on the 2021 title fight. In Abu Dhabi, the exciting season of Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton is coming to a close, with both teams qualifying for the constructors’ title and the drivers’ title. Fittipaldi sees two aggressive drivers, but one of whom has a lot more experience, especially when it comes to winning world titles.

“They are two different personalities and Hamilton obviously has a lot more experience. He is more mature under pressure,” the two-time Formula 1 world champion tells NOS. Of the two ruffs, for him it is therefore the older driver who is better able to deal with the pressure of the 2021 title battle. Mistakes have been made on both sides in the 2021 season.

‘Verstappen is a lot younger, the young lion. He wants to win the title, that’s very important to him. He will therefore drive aggressively,” predicts the Brazilian, who immediately emphasizes one of the biggest conditions of F1: “You have to reach the finish line to win.” According to him, it remains to be seen whether both men will make it to the finish line.

Verstappen in Saudi Arabia

Fittipaldi also let us know what he thought of the incident between the Dutchman and the Brit in Jeddah. “When you hear Horner talk to Verstappen about that place has to be returned strategically, you know that they are going to push the limits,” he says. “There are so many strategic decisions to make. In Abu Dhabi it will only get worse.’

“It was a very strong race with both drivers driving aggressively. The stewards made the right choice based on the camera images. They have a lot more information than we do,” Fittipaldi has no doubts that race officials judged the incident correctly. ‘We think we know what he was doing there. The FIA ​​knows what he was doing there. That’s the big difference.’

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