‘Five teams can compete for title’


George Russell expects five teams to be able to compete for the title this year. The driver, who will drive for Mercedes this year, thinks this year it is not about who has the fastest car in race one: “It is about who understands and can develop the car best.”

Last year Mercedes and Red Bull battled for the title in a blood-curdling season. The title battle was only decided in the very last race of the season: Max Verstappen won with the drivers and Mercedes with the constructors. It was an intense battle and it hadn’t been this exciting in years, but if it’s up to George Russell, 2022 could go one step further. The prospective Mercedes driver thinks there are as many as five teams that can compete for the title, especially now that new rules are coming into effect that should bring the teams a little closer to each other.

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“A team like Ferrari has had a difficult period over the past two years, they will now be hungry to compete again, especially with the new rules,” said Russell. “That also applies to McLaren. Those are teams that have the infrastructure, the talent within the engineering department and the drivers to go for that fight.”

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“I honestly believe there are five teams that are capable of doing something special, so you really have to be on top of it and development is going to be a key part,” added Russell. According to the Brit, it is therefore not about who has the fastest car in the first race. “It’s about who can best understand and develop the car. I think all teams will make great progress from the first to the last race of the season,” concluded Russell.

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