Formula 1 comeback: Rosberg’s neck between his legs


After his retirement at the end of 2016, Nico Rosberg had always categorically ruled out a comeback in Formula 1. But there was a moment when he briefly thought of returning.

What kind of story would that have been: Lewis Hamilton had to pass in Bahrain in 2020 due to Corona, and Nico Rosberg was thinking of getting in the car for his former Mercedes teammate.

“I even thought about it,” reveals Rosberg at “Antenne Bayern”. «Hamilton had COVID and had to skip a race. So I said, ‘Hey, how cool if I sat down there again.’ “

Yes, that would have been a sensation four years after winning the title and then retiring, but Rosberg had only just had the idea in his head, so he rejected it again.

Because he quickly realized that he would have had “zero chance”: “I would have no chance of doing more than three laps at all.”

Because of course: The 36-year-old has not been in Formula 1 training for years, the muscles that he needs for driving practically no longer exist. “My arms, my forearms, would close immediately. And the neck would fall between the legs when braking. I can’t hold it up at all. I have zero muscles left, ”said Rosberg.

And Rosberg admits that fear would also go along with it, depending on the route. “If I were to drive in Monaco now, I would certainly be scared too,” said Rosberg. Bahrain would have gone, “there was desert, and there is a lot of run-off zone, and I wouldn’t be afraid.”

But the physical conditions put an end to the idea of ​​a comeback very quickly. “I might be able to do one, two, three laps and then it would be over. Physically no chance. “

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