Formula 1 fans choose the five best races of 2021


The Italian Grand Prix has been voted the best race of the past Formula 1 season. In a vote among visitors to the official Formula 1 website, the race won by Daniel Ricciardo at Monza received 19 percent of the vote.

The 2021 F1 Championship will go down not only as the longest season in the sport’s history, but also as one of the most exciting. Almost every race offered spectacle, especially between the two title rivals Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton, but it was often ball behind them too.

The visitors of the website got the chance to select their best, most exciting, standout races. The 52,000 voters eventually came to the following top five:

1. Italian Grand Prix – 19%

Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamiltton eliminate each other at Monza. McLaren takes full advantage and scores a 1-2 (Motorsport Images)

2. Abu Dhabi Grand Prix – 16%

The denouement of the Formula 1 season: Verstappen beats Hamilton to take the world title in the end (Motorsport Images)

3. Brazilian Grand Prix – 10%

Hamilton has a great weekend in São Paulo and brings the tension back to the World Cup (Motorsport Images)

4. Azerbaijan Grand Prix – 8%

Verstappen retires with an exploded rear tire. Hamilton can’t take advantage, he brakes at the restart (Motorsport Images)

5. Hungarian Grand Prix – 7%

Chaos all over Hungary. Esteban Ocon keeps his cool and wins – with a little help from Fernando Alonso – his first Grand Prix (Motorsport Images)

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