Formula 1 waves away a critically full calendar: “It’s just extreme and on the limit”


Formula 1 will drive a record-breaking number of 23 races in the coming season. The royal class has come under the necessary criticism, although sporting director Steve Nielsen does not want to hear about it.

After one of the most intensive and tough seasons was driven in 2021, there will be an extra step in 2022. There will then be 23 races with multiple triple headers on the program. At a time when the coronavirus is still lurking, that number seems a lot and ambitious. The new calendar allows the premier class to face the necessary criticism from both outside and within motorsport. For example, Sebastian Vettel has been critical before and several team bosses have recently expressed their concerns.

Extreme and on the limit

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Nielsen, the sporting director within motorsport since 2017, was asked whether Formula 1 is playing with fire with the current plans. Where he previously hinted that he was ‘a little bit concerned’, that now seems to be less the case. “I think Formula 1 has never been all roses and moons anyway. The logistics side is on another level. It is extreme and on the limit,” he says.

Risks are considered

The Briton says that more than sufficient account is taken of all possibilities and threats. “We don’t go in with our eyes closed. We know what’s possible and know what’s too much. It’s not like we execute every idea that comes to mind. If things are too risky, we leave them alone. The plans The ones we come up with with partner DHL are therefore realistic and feasible with a view to the calendar. We don’t take risks that don’t have to be taken,” he concludes.

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