Gasly carefully looks outside the Red Bull group: ‘They are always faster than AlphaTauri’


AlphaTauri driver Pierre Gasly is not worried about being stuck with the team. Despite a strong season in 2021, he will not be promoted to Red Bull. This does not seem to be possible in the near future. However, he still feels at home at AlphaTauri, although he remains realistic and knows that a world championship is not in it here.

That is why the Frenchman also looks outside the Red Bull group. A switch to a team like Ferrari or McLaren does not seem possible, but Gasly expects that the musical chairs in Formula 1 will start again soon. Asked if he feels himself locked up at AlphaTauri, he contradicts that. “No, because the market is changing quickly,” said Gasly at Automobile, Motorcycle and Sports.

“For many drivers the contract ends in 2023. There will be opportunities there. Everything happens very quickly in Formula 1 and I’m not too concerned. There are possibilities, I’m sure. We’ll see when it’s the right time.” The only thing Gasly focuses on now is performance. “I would do better with a faster car without a doubt. That’s all that matters.”

AlphaTauri at most a number two team

Gasly remains realistic and sees that cashing in a world championship at AlphaTauri is virtually impossible. At best, Red Bull and AlphaTauri dominate together in Formula 1, but even then the Austrian team will be the better party. “In a perfect world we can finish second,” he says. “Red Bull will always be for us.”

The rule changes could go either way for the Italian stable, but this will not change Gasly’s future plans. A seat outside the Red Bull group is still an option. For now, however, he remains loyal to Red Bull and AlphaTauri. “The contract is until 2023. At the moment, the plan is a seat for 2024.”

“We’ll see. As I said, the situation in Formula 1 is changing very quickly. I don’t know what Red Bull want to do with me. Whether they want to continue with me or let go of me, we’ll talk about that later. to talk.” If the seats at the Austrian racing stable remain occupied, he certainly does not rule out a switch.

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