Gasly criticism after a strong season: Difficult to swallow


Pierre Gasly had his personal best season in Formula 1 in 2021. However, he thinks that his achievements are not appreciated enough by his employer.

Sometimes the great opportunity comes a little too early, which is why it then goes by without being used. Pierre Gasly’s big chance came in 2019 and lasted exactly twelve Formula 1 races. Twelve opportunities at Red Bull Racing, as a team-mate of Max Verstappen.

But Gasly completed a career move three years ago that, in retrospect, came three years too early, because the Frenchman went under against Verstappen and was demoted in the summer. Back to Toro Rosso (now AlphaTauri) – for Gasly it was the lowest point in his career, the maximum penalty.

But there is no question that the 25-year-old will be ready for a big team in 2022. And meanwhile self-confident enough to openly file claims and step on the feet of his employer.

“You will experience the best Pierre Gasly ever in Formula 1,” said Gasly at auto motor und sport. “I also feel that with more experience, I get a better understanding of everything that is going on around me. I’m much more in control of things. I know exactly what I want from the car – and from the team. “

The figures prove it: in 2020 he clinched his first Formula 1 victory, and in 2021 he regularly delivered to the smaller Red Bull sister team, finished ninth in the World Championship with 110 points and stayed ahead of drivers like Fernando Alonso (Alpine), for example. or Sebastian Vettel (Aston Martin).

He beat his team-mate Yuki Tsunoda – no, he dismantled 21: 1 in qualifying and was on average half a second faster than the Japanese. He was voted seventh in two surveys by the team bosses and the drivers – the Frenchman made a lasting impression in 2021.

Gasly makes no secret of the fact that it annoys him that Red Bull will still rely on the Mexican Sergio Perez, who could not convince for a long time last season and reached 190 points. “I’m not going to lie. It’s hard to deliver a season like this, “said Gasly:” And if I then compare myself with those who were given the opportunity for a Red Bull seat, then that disappoints. Based on the numbers and results, I have a better one Delivered performance than anyone else in this team. “

Remarkable: Gasly doesn’t mince his words, as one of the few younger drivers he doesn’t do that on principle. In March of last year he had openly criticized those responsible for dealing with him in an emotional contribution to the “Player’s Tribune”. For his age, his position as an AlphaTauri driver and in a business where you saw off aspiring talents straight away, these are very courageous and open statements.

Even now he does not hold back. Because at the end of the day he did not get recognition and reward for his achievements, he said: “It’s hard to swallow. That of course disappoints me. I know what I want to achieve in this sport. I want to fight at the top. That hasn’t changed. “

That is why he is already positioning himself and underlining that he is open to everything despite a contract that runs until the end of 2023. «The market will change. For many drivers, contracts will expire in 2023. There will be opportunities. I am not too worried. There are opportunities. I know that. We’ll see when it’s the right time, ”said Gasly.

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