Gasly hopes for Verstappen scenario: “The whole team is built around him”


Pierre Gasly had a fantastic season in 2021 in which he was able to let go of what he is capable of. The Frenchman is often linked to a return to Red Bull Racing. However, it did not come to that and Gasly will have to accept the role of team leader in the service of AlphaTauri.

The single race winner took the podium once in 2021 and regularly finished in the top six. It led to a ninth place in the final standings. Gasly has recovered well after his relegation mid-season in 2019. Due to disappointing performances, he was transferred from Red Bull Racing to sister team AlphaTauri.

Team Leader

Despite the fact that the Frenchman is still looking for a seat at Red Bull, he thinks the role at AlphaTauri is fine for now. At the Italian stable it is all about Gasly, he tells “I am in the same situation at AlphaTauri as Max at Red Bull. The team is focused on me and I tried to score the most points for the team. tow.” It is therefore the goal to leave AlphaTauri as a big boy, so that he can immediately take on the leading role in the next team: “Whatever team you are in, that is the status you should have if you are at your best. want to perform.”

Top teams

Gasly therefore draws a comparison with the top teams, of course there is also a financial difference. “With Max’s situation at Red Bull, there’s the whole team around him and that’s why they’re in a position to win the championship.” But it doesn’t just work like this at Red Bull: “Lewis [Hamilton] has the whole Mercedes team behind him and that’s why he’s in a position to win a championship.”

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