Gasly knows why he was so good in 2021: ‘You can only be your best with the team behind you’


Pierre Gasly was demoted from Red Bull Racing to AlphaTauri two years ago, but the Frenchman can now call himself one of the best drivers of 2021. Gasly managed to set a personal best in points in 2021 and the AlphaTauri driver certainly feels that he has improved since leaving Red Bull.

“2021 was clearly very good and I think I was also in a position where I could show what I’m capable of,” Gasly told “In 2021 I was in a position where I could compete against the McLarens and the Ferraris. These teams have more budget than we have and they also have a more competitive package, but I was still able to fight them more than once.”

Gasly: ​​’I think I pushed the car too much in the past’

The Frenchman says it was important to him that he could show what he is capable of. ‘I wanted to show what I could do. I wanted to show my skills and my speed. Last season I performed the best of my career.’ Gasly himself wanted to improve his consistency in 2021 because he felt he was driving too much on the limit with the car to make up for the car’s limitations.

“I think I pushed the car too much in the past. I would try to make things right when the car wasn’t good enough. Sometimes the car was great, but other days the car was not competitive enough. I think I’ve definitely made a good step when it comes to my consistency.’

Gasly hopes to become world champion one day

Although Gasly lasted only half a year as Verstappen’s teammate, he now has the advantage of being the first driver at AlphaTauri. Still, the Frenchman would like to return to Red Bull. “The whole team is behind Max and that’s why he can win a championship. Also with Lewis (Hamilton ed.) the whole Mercedes team is behind him and that is why he can also fight for a championship. If they didn’t have the team behind them, they couldn’t have performed like this.’

The 25-year-old AlphaTauri driver has now also been able to experience what it feels like to have the team behind him. “I also had the whole team behind me and they hoped I would take a lot of points. That is also why we performed better than expected. Wherever you are, you can only be your best when the team is behind you.’ Gasly also dreams of becoming world champion, but for that he will have to go to a better team. “Of course it’s too early to say, but my goal is to become world champion in Formula 1,” Gasly concluded.

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