George Russell: ‘Title battle will not only be between Red Bull and Mercedes in 2022’


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According to brand new Mercedes driver George Russell, there will be no shortage of excitement next season. The 23-year-old Briton, who made the switch from Williams to Mercedes on January 1, believes that three other teams will report to the front in addition to Mercedes and Red Bull.

Formula 1 regulations will be completely overhauled in 2022. The cars will change a lot and that will, hopefully, cause a stir. The new rules have been introduced to improve racing and overtaking, with Formula 1 management expecting all teams to sit within 1.5 seconds of each other. That was over 3 seconds this year.

George Russell thinks the new rules will be good for the show and believes multiple teams will be able to build a championship-worthy car. Mercedes and Red Bull Racing have already proven this in recent years, but according to the Briton, three teams will be added in 2022.

“With the new rules, McLaren and Ferrari will also participate again. They have what it takes to fight for the win. I think there will be five teams that can do something special in 2022.”, so Russell begins. The fifth team should presumably be Alpine.

“It will be about who understands their car the fastest and who manages to develop it best throughout the season. There will be a lot of progress between the first and last race of the season, across all teams.”said the Mercedes driver.

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