Hamilton in talks with Mercedes engineers until midnight at Yas Marina Circuit


Lewis Hamilton doubts what will be the best strategy in Abu Dhabi. Mercedes has decided to start the Grand Prix on the medium tyre, while title competitors Max Verstappen and Red Bull Racing have opted for the softest tire set. We don’t know yet which of these strategies is correct, and neither does Hamilton.

To determine what the battle plan should be for the race, Hamilton spent long evenings with his engineer after qualifying. It was suggested on Twitter that he was still in conversation as of 11:30 p.m. “I prepared as best I could and gave everything,” Hamilton said. He has gone through all possible scenarios with his engineer.

“Now I just have to do what I love most and be myself on the track. I just have to assess the situation around me as best I can and give everything,” he continues. To take the title, he has to work his way past Verstappen on the circuit. After all, the Dutchman starts from pole position, while Hamilton starts from P2.

Red Bull keeps a possible two-stop open with a start on the soft tire. Hamilton doubts whether that is the right choice. ‘We don’t know what the strategy will be, whether it’s a one-stop or suddenly a two-stop. I think the choice of medium tires was the right one, but we’ll have to see if it works.” He says he has faith in the team behind him.

Hamilton on Abu Dhabi

Hamilton also spoke about his fans next to the track in the interview. ‘I see so many British flags. It’s great to see the support in Abu Dhabi. What a great place in the world to have this race because of the people and the culture,” he concluded, ignoring the human rights issues that exist in the Middle Eastern country.

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