Hamilton vs Verstappen legendary: “Two of the best drivers of all time”


Nico Rosberg knows what it’s like to become world champion for the first time, something that happened to Max Verstappen this season. The German then also defeated Hamilton in a mutual battle. However, Rosberg also sympathizes with Mercedes and Hamilton.

Speaking to SoyMotor, the German said he still feels a bit of a bond with Mercedes, despite not being involved with the team anymore. “I don’t really concern myself with Mercedes anymore, but that loss hurt me too. They are still a bit of my family. They were 99 percent sure they already had the title. to lose that way is pretty sour.”

Rosberg enjoyed Hamilton vs Verstappen

Just like the entire Formula 1 world, Rosberg also enjoyed 2021 and the title battle between Verstappen and Hamilton. “From the first moment we saw a fantastic fight for the world title. Hamilton and Verstappen are two of the best drivers of all time. To see them fight together is great. I am convinced that Verstappen will also win several more world titles.”

FIA must look at rules

Yet there was also a major role for the FIA, which probably would have preferred not to have this. There was a lot of buzz about many of the FIA’s decisions, including the one in Abu Dhabi. Rosberg believes that this should change. “Verstappen and Hamilton had an intense fight, where they always looked for the limits. You have to be able to adapt to that as race management. They really have to change things in the winter to avoid even more confusion.”

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