“He is looking for the limit”


Van der Zande had a busy schedule this year with races in the FIA ​​World Endurance Championship and the American IMSA Championship, but the Dutchman has nevertheless followed the Formula 1 season closely. Just before the turn of the year, he took place in front of the camera of Motorsport.com Netherlands to look back on the past season. To the statement that Max Verstappen has crossed the border a number of times this year, the Amsterdammer answers with a smile: “Yes, absolutely, but that is part of Max. He is looking for the limit.”

Verstappen’s aggressive driving style is now well known in Formula 1. It has earned him a lot of criticism, but also a lot of fans: “That’s what we want to see. It’s spectacular,” continues Van der Zande. “If you’re not spectacular, you’ll never push the limit. He is spectacular. He also crosses that border, he searches for that border. Because he is actually constantly looking for it, you also see that he sometimes crosses the border. That’s just fat.”

‘Don’t hope Hamilton stops’

In addition to Verstappen’s actions, Van der Zande also enjoyed Lewis Hamilton and the title battle between the two ruffs last year. The driver of Chip Ganassi Racing therefore does not hope that the British Mercedes driver will decide to hang up his helmet: “Let’s hope not. When Lewis stops, Max is a bit the only one left, twenty seconds in front of the field. Then we will have a few boring years, if the car is fast enough.”

“I love the battle between Max and Lewis. I am definitely a fan of the driver Lewis Hamilton. He’s a great driver, since Formula 3 time. He just has something special that you see in Max, I like to look at that. If those two can still compete in the next few years, then we will see another great battle.”

Van der Zande also thinks the rumors about a possible farewell to Hamilton are appropriate for Hamilton. The Amsterdammer therefore expects the Brit to be present again next season: “Lewis has been faced with hotter fires. I understand that he feels this way. I don’t know him personally, so I can’t judge it completely, but “It is also part of Lewis Hamilton and how he behaves. He does look for the peaks and the valleys. It is part of it that this is also a bit of drama.”

View the full conversation with Renger van der Zande at the top of this page. In it, he also tells, among other things, which Grand Prix he thought was the best this year and which drivers stood out in a positive sense, or which were disappointing.

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