His farewell to Alfa Romeo


Antonio Giovinazzi .’s Formula 1 Season

World Championship position: 18
Number of World Cup points: 3
Number of wins: 0
Best place to start: 7th place (Netherlands)
Best result: 9th place (Saudi Arabia)

Report mark: 5.9

Antonio Giovinazzi was no doubt eager to race after winter testing in Bahrain. The Italian was very pleased with the progress Alfa Romeo had made during the winter. Giovinazzi noted that the Alfa Romeo C41 was better than its predecessor and that even reaching the podium might be possible. Giovinazzi is not the greatest top talent Formula 1 has ever seen, but certainly not the least. The Italian did collect the necessary points in recent years, but we have not seen him make any really exceptional actions. Despite the hopeful start in Bahrain, the 2021 season was actually a continuation of his earlier years at Alfa Romeo. In fact, Giovinazzi had his worst season in Formula 1 this year.

But to be honest, it was not made easy for him, especially in the second half of the season. It became increasingly clear that his position at Alfa Romeo was in jeopardy. Until November, Giovinazzi still didn’t know where he stood, but eventually clarity came that same month. The Alfa Romeo driver would make way for Alpine junior Guanyu Zhou. Logically, the Italian was not very happy with this news and made it clear on social media by stating that money rules in Formula 1.

Hopeful start, but a disappointing ending

Okay, let’s go back to Giovinazzi’s season. To get straight to the point: it wasn’t very good. The Italian only finished in points twice in 2021. The first was at the Monaco Grand Prix and the second was 16 games later in Saudi Arabia. As mentioned earlier, it was his least season with Alfa Romeo and that despite a hopeful winter test. In Portugal he also clashed with teammate Kimi Raikkonen and in Turkey the team management was not very happy, because Giovinazzi refused to follow team orders. In a short conversation with Vasseur the air was cleared. A bright spot came in Zandvoort, where he rode to seventh starting position. However, the pressure on being able to keep his seat continued to mount, but according to his French team boss, he was completely in control. We now know that he will not drive in Formula 1 next year. It was also a great achievement that Giovinazzi saw the finish flag in every race – except for Abu Dhabi.

2021 will get a positive spin after all

Still, the departure from Alfa is not the end of his racing career and the uncertainty has been put to an end. Shortly after Zhou’s confirmation, it was announced that Giovinazzi would make the switch to Formula E. There he found shelter with the Dragon/Penske Autosport team. A nice prospect for the young driver. Hopefully he can show his talent well in the electric class.

buona fortuna in Formula E, Antonio!

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