Honda director makes striking statement: “I think we left F1 too early”


Masashi Yamamoto thinks Honda pulled out of Formula 1 too early. The Japanese director of Honda Motorsport hopes to one day return to the premier class.

After a period of seven years, motorcycle manufacturer Honda has waved off at its peak with the world title for Max Verstappen. In October of the year 2020, the Japanese announced that the 2021 season would be the last year that Honda would enter Formula 1 action. It was of course a year to dream of for both Red Bull and Honda and logically remains that way. sentiment now lingers now that Honda has retired from the royal class.

Left too early?

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Yamamoto is asked by whether Honda left Formula 1 too early and the director is remarkably honest in his answer. “Personally I think so. But hey, it’s a company decision and I understand which way the company would like to go. At the bottom we will have to accept it. We always have our fantasies so I hope Honda on one day back in Formula 1,” he says.

Mission accomplished

In the end, Yamamoto and Honda say goodbye in a fantastic way and Verstappen’s world title ensures that there is no empty feeling left after a seven-year period with ups and downs. “Of course it’s a shame that we are leaving now, but we knew that for a while. We looked at it differently and wanted to give everything in the remainder of our stay in Formula 1. We focused on winning the championship in Formula 1 and have achieved our goal. It’s a great story,” he concludes proudly.

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