Horner about tasteless behavior Wolff: ‘He is a different animal, he plays it differently’


Christian Horner can occasionally get tired of the political games in Formula 1. 2021 was an eventful year, both sportingly and politically in the premier class of motorsport. The Red Bull Racing team boss would rather not be in heated discussions with other team bosses, but the battle between Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton in particular left him no other choice, the Briton says.

Last year Horner got into a mud fight with his competitors every once in a while. There was a lot of lashing out at each other, especially in the media. ‘Do I like it? New. Is it part of the sport? Yes,” Horner told Formula 1 MAGAZINE. “I don’t know if I’m good at it, but I have a great love for the sport. I grew up in this industry and I think what you do on the track is the most important thing that matters.’

Horner was disturbed by Wolff’s behavior

Horner thinks the political games will be over by 2022. The team boss thinks it does not belong in Formula 1. ‘It distracts. When we fought with Sebastian Vettel against Fernando Alonso for the world championship, Stefano Domenicali was Ferrari’s team principal. The competition at the time was of a different, let me say, ‘men’s level’. This year has been intense both on and off the track. I think Toto (Wolff, ed.) plays it differently, he’s a different kind of animal.’

The discussions are hardening not only between the team bosses, but also between the FIA ​​and Toto Wolff in particular. For example, Mercedes took a top lawyer to the stewards in Abu Dhabi, but we also heard the Mercedes team boss rant against race director Michael Masi in the final lap of the championship race. The FIA ​​has already taken action against this last phenomenon: From 2022, contact between the team bosses and the race management during the race is prohibited.

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