Horner about the influence of the title fight on 2022: ‘We’ll see in a few months’


Red Bull Racing still thinks that they have not jeopardized their development for 2022 with the fierce title battle in 2021. Nevertheless, the team from Milton Keynes is taking into account a possible advance of Ferrari, which has started to focus on 2022 early on.

The Formula 1 teams faced a hefty challenge last season. They had to maintain, and in some cases develop, their cars for 2021, and at the same time develop a completely new car for 2022. With a strict budget limit in place, the teams had to make tough decisions. Some teams decided to fully focus on 2022 and therefore stop development for 2021, while other teams combined the development of both cars.

Red Bull was able to take a shot at the world title for the first time in years and so chose to fight to the end. However, Christian Horner does not expect them to have jeopardized their 2022 season with this. “If Ferrari comes up with the fastest car and drives us for our socks in the first race, you have to say that we [seizoen] probably compromised,” Horner is quoted by Motorsport.com. “But I think we all know there will be big regulatory changes before 2022 and we’ve applied our resources accordingly.”

Red Bull has confidence

“I’m sure every team has done what they think is right and it obviously puts pressure on the organization,” Horner continues. “But in that area I think the team has done a great job as it has taken a huge effort to develop a new set of regulations while keeping the focus on this year’s car.”

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“The commitment of the whole team, by the whole team, was phenomenal,” emphasizes Horner. “But we won’t see until we come back in a few months with completely new cars. They look different, they feel different, they drive differently. Who’s right, who’s wrong? We’re all starting over.” , the Red Bull team boss concludes.

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