Horner after Verstappen World Cup title: ‘Thank you Latifi for that safety car’


Max Verstappen takes the world title with Red Bull Racing. On the very last lap he outsmarted Lewis Hamilton for the coveted trophy. His team boss, Christian Horner, realizes that their goal has been achieved: making Verstappen world champion. The Brit also realizes that a lot of luck was involved. All the emotions came together and he gives his first reaction on Sky Sports.

‘What happened here is a summary of this year. The racing gods were busy in the final laps, thank you Latifi for that safety car. It felt like we were disadvantaged at the beginning of the race,” he says. He also respects Lewis Hamilton. ‘Incredible competitor for Max. Not just here, but all year round. Lewis was a phenomenal opponent and that makes this world title even better.’

Tensions ran very high. “I yelled at Masi: let them race! We also had a good strategy with the soft tire.” The safety car situation at the end was also incredibly exciting, at first it was not even certain whether the field could restart. “It really wouldn’t have been possible to leave the cars that were one lap behind behind the safety car. The stewards made the right decision in that regard.”

Horner: ‘I’ve lost my voice’

“I am so proud of Max and the whole team. We’ve been through so much. Great opponents. I lost my voice, I screamed all last round! You just knew Max wouldn’t give up. He got this far this year. To see him cross the finish line first was fantastic.’ Horner is in ecstasy, although he also knows that luck was involved. “We were also just lucky today with that safety car”

Respect for Mercedes on behalf of Red Bull

There is respect for the opponent, says Horner. “Mercedes is an incredibly good team, they have gotten stronger and stronger over the years. The pit crews, the development of the car and more.’ The rivalry with Mercedes team boss Toto Wolff is also highlighted. “Between Toto and me it’s also one big challenge and one big fight.”

The reflection on the race starts on the first lap. “The start was terrible,” said the Red Bull Racing team principal, who also looks back on the incident on the first lap. “Strange that Lewis didn’t return the position, Max kept it within the white lines. I don’t understand how we didn’t get that place back, but at least it’s history now.’

Horner: ‘Perez contributed a lot to the title!’

There is also an incredible amount of praise for Verstappen’s teammate Sergio Perez. He held Hamilton up during the race in such a way that the Limburger could get very close. This gave Verstappen a chance at the world title. “Perez is a big part of our team, he gave everything and you can’t ask for more from a team-mate. You get such joy out of it! He contributed a lot to the title today!’, Horner concludes.

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