Horner and Marko expressed confidence in Pérez . early in 2021


Sergio Perez indicates that he did not fear for his future at Red Bull Racing in 2021. The Mexican has had a long and fairly successful career and he trusts teams to know what he can do. In addition, Red Bull knew early in the season that they wanted to continue with Pérez, and they made that clear.

RaceFans spoke to Pérez about his first year with the Milton Keynes team. In that conversation, he was asked if there was a time in the year when he feared for his future in F1. After all, he had only received a one-year contract from Red Bull. “I wasn’t worried at all,” he said. “At this point in my career, it’s hard to dwell on that.”

Pérez and Red Bull happy marriage

For Pérez, that worrying was not really necessary because he knew that Red Bull was happy with him. The click was there from the start, he emphasizes: “I think I have found my niche very well and very quickly within the Red Bull family.” It took some getting used to, he reported earlier in 2021, while it was also difficult to get to know the team due to the coronavirus pandemic.

That did not stop the Red Bull top from expressing confidence in the veteran who came over from Racing Point. “Very early on, Christian Horner and Helmut Marko told me that I didn’t have to look any further. They said they wanted to continue with me.’ That took away Pérez’s greatest concern and Red Bull announced a contract extension before the end of last F1 season.

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