Horner not impressed by Mercedes protest: ‘Felt a bit desperate’


Christian Horner reacted for the first time after the decisions of the FIA, which turned out in favor of Max Verstappen. The Red Bull Racing team boss tells Motorsport.com that the protests by Mercedes were acts of desperation to take the world title from the Dutchman.

“Of course it felt a bit desperate,” said the Englishman about the protests by Mercedes. “We didn’t want this all to end with the stewards.” Horner continues to compliment: “Mercedes has been a great opponent this season and Lewis has been a phenomenal driver. This year has had its moments, it was intense and difficult, but we are very happy with the outcome. We are proud of Max, he was phenomenal this year.’

Horner went on to say that he is satisfied with the race management’s decision not to let the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix finish behind the safety car: “We didn’t want it to end with the stewards. There was a lot of discussion about that before the race, but of course everything turned out very differently. We don’t race with lawyers. It’s a shame it had to end there, but the stewards did the right thing.”

Horner satisfied with Masi .’s actions

Michael Masi can therefore count on the compliments of the Red Bull team boss: ‘We discussed before the race that we should let Verstappen and Hamilton do their thing. You know, Niki Lauda was the man who fought hard for that. We’ve also always talked about not finishing behind a safety car during a race. In difficult circumstances, the race director made the right choices and we were strategically right,” concludes Horner.

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