Horner prefers collaboration with Honda over past with Renault: “Absolutely”


With his world championship, Max Verstappen ensured that Honda could say goodbye to Formula 1 in the perfect way in 2021. Despite the fact that Honda will continue to support Red Bull in the background, it will no longer come to the fore. Christian Horner has enjoyed the collaboration.

In conversation with GPFans, among others, the British team boss of Red Bull says that the collaboration with Honda went even better and smoother than that with Renault, with which it won four world championships. “Absolutely!. The passion, the dedication, just their work ethic. When they got back to the sport [met McLaren] they had a hard time but they kept their cool, they worked hard at it and from day one of this relationship it has been phenomenal. You can see that in their culture, their work ethic. This year’s bike has been brought forward 12 months and if it weren’t for the incident at Silverstone, Max would have raced on three bikes all season.”

Honda can finally celebrate again

It took a while, but with Verstappen, Honda was finally back on the top step in Formula 1. Horner also knows that it has been a long time for Honda. “The first Drivers’ World Championship in 30 years since Ayrton Senna in 1991 is a huge moment for them. We are immensely proud of what we have achieved with Honda, for what they have offered and given us, and we now look forward to a future.” without Honda officially, but maintaining a relationship with them for years to come.”

Red Bull getting started with powertrains

As mentioned, the Honda name will be seen and heard for the last time this season. In the background, however, the company will continue to help Red Bull develop its own power unit, which it will start using from 2022. It is one of many changes that will be implemented from next season. In any case, Honda provides a good basis with the engine from 2021.

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