Hulkenberg already tried out the new F1 car: “Damn fast!”


The new Formula 1 season is getting closer and closer. As a result, more is gradually becoming known about the new generation of cars for 2022. Nico Hulkenberg, as a development driver for Aston Martin, has already spent hours in the virtual new car, and is surprised about the speed.

“They need to be a bit slower and a bit more difficult to drive so that there is more focus on the driver who can make the difference,” he analyzes. “This instead of the performance and the aerodynamics of the car. But during my first experiences those cars seem damn fast and not even slower than the previous generation.”

The aerodynamics regulations have changed drastically for 2022. A simpler design should ensure that there is less dirty air, but the car is said to be slower and less grippy. “The feeling while driving hasn’t changed that much,” Hulkenberg admits, though. “At least not in the simulator.”

Hulkenberg: “Extremely high cornering speed”

The man from Emmerich is not sure whether the new rules will have their desired effect. “It will be very interesting to see if these cars can really follow each other that well,” said the former Formula 1 driver. Hulkenberg sees a number of challenges for the drivers. “The speeds in the fast corners are extremely high, so the risk of ‘dirty air’ still exists. It seems difficult to say that people can easily follow each other at these speeds. Hopefully, however, we will be positively surprised. see at the test days.”

Feedback from the drivers and the speed of the further development of the cars will be extremely important. Hulkenberg expects huge changes between the teams throughout the season. “I’m looking forward to seeing which team has the best start. This is where the wheat is separated. The guys who learn the fastest and can adapt the fastest will initially be at the front of the field.”

“It could all change later in the year as the learning curve will be huge for everyone. The teams will be in a development race over the long season, which will change the rankings.” Everyone makes according to The Hulk chance next season, but Red Bull and Mercedes should not be underestimated. “I would be very surprised if the top teams are not at the front of the field,” he concludes.

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