International media raved: ‘Red Bulls ‘golden boy’ crushes Mercedes dream team’


After the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, the international newspapers are full of reactions and assessments following the decisive race weekend. Max Verstappen finally won the title and the Red Bull driver can therefore count on a lot of praise from the newspapers. F1Maximum gathered the best reactions from the international media.

‘The most bizarre title fight ever’, headlines the Italian La Gazzetta Dello Sport after the apotheosis in Abu Dhabi. “The fight of the century was decided in a sprint, which took place in yet another sprint. A dizzying final lap makes Max Verstappen world champion and his perfect final lap ended an intense duel that had lasted for ten months. It was a bizarre year and the fights between Lauda and Hunt, Senna and Prost, but also Schumacher and Hakkinen looked nothing like it. The golden boy of Red Bull had to come in handy this year to stop the dream team of Toto Wolff and Lewis Hamilton.’

Also criticism of competition management

The Guardian is not pleased with the way in which the title did not go to the British Lewis Hamilton, but to Max Verstappen. “Drama and controversy was almost inevitable in Abu Dhabi for the rest of the season, but how it has unfolded in the end is a bittersweet aftertaste to this great season. It will take a long time for many fans and people within Formula 1 before this bitter taste will be washed away. In any case, the last word on this race weekend has not yet been said.’

The Spanish sports newspaper AS welcomes Verstappen as the new world champion. Long live the new king of Formula 1! Miracles do exist and those who don’t believe in them haven’t watched the Abu Dhabi race.” With five laps to go, Latifi suddenly took on the role of Timo Glock, with Mercedes reacting very sleepy to the safety car. An error of judgment by the team, which thought the race would end behind the safety car, proved fatal to Hamilton. With new rubber and a lot of talent, Verstappen could easily dethrone the world champion.’

L’Equipe calls the race in Abu Dhabi ‘a Max imum of madness’. After a crazy evening in the Middle East, Verstappen joins the biggest legends of the sport. The final phase of the race was very similar to that of the title race in 2008, but this time Verstappen is the lucky one. Unfortunately, the 2021 season ends in a legal battle, a major blemish on such a special season. Mercedes will not be so quick to accept this result, it could take a long time.’

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