Jos Verstappen after Max World Championship: ‘You’re just waiting for those cars to go’


Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen became world champion at the very last Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. The now single world champion managed to overtake his rival Lewis Hamilton on the last lap after a safety car. Father Jos Verstappen is incredibly happy for his son and knows that it is due to Red Bull’s tactics.

Formula 1 reporter Jack Plooij went straight to father Jos after Max had won the championship. “Red Bull has always been very strong when it comes to tactics,” says Jos. ‘For a long time they didn’t have the fastest car, so they had to rely on tactics. They are tactically very strong.’ Red Bull brought Max in for a pit stop during the safety car and gave him the soft tire. Hamilton stayed out during the safety car and had to continue driving on old hard tires.

Jos: ‘It’s crazy’

Father Jos says that he is very happy with his son’s victory, especially after the exciting final piece. “You’re just waiting for those cars to leave,” says the former Formula 1 driver. During the safety car, the 24-year-old Red Bull driver was not yet driving directly behind Hamilton. First there were a number of cars that were already a lap behind. ‘At first those cars didn’t have to go and then it was decided that luckily those cars had to go. It’s crazy.’

For Jos Verstappen it feels like everything turned out okay in the end. At the start of the race, son Max overtook his British competitor, but the seven-time world champion drove off the track and ended up in first place. According to Jos, that place had to be returned to Max, but the FIA ​​decided that the Mercedes driver should keep the position. “If Max goes out of bounds, he gets a five-second penalty. It is now as it should be and he shows it’, a proud Jos Verstappen ends.

‘Max deserved this, I can hardly believe it’

‘The team had such a good strategy and they did so much’, Jos tells Sky. Max was the best driver this year and he deserves the world championship. I think the whole team was tense when we look at the speed. But this is in Max’s DNA, he gets the most out of every round. He had one chance, one round and he just did it. I almost can not believe it.’

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