Jos Verstappen does not expect Max to drive away from Hamilton: ‘They really do stay together’


Sunday afternoon is the season finale of Formula 1 in which Red Bull Racing driver Max Verstappen and Mercedes driver Lewis Hamilton will decide who will become world champion. Verstappen has looked calm all week and father Jos Verstappen is not yet troubled by nerves. He knows what his son can do and hopes to be able to celebrate after the race.

Formula 1 reporter Jack Plooij was present in Abu Dhabi and asked father Jos whether he was already suffering from the nerves. “It’s still going reasonably well in terms of tension,” says Jos, who says that he gets everything in Abu Dhabi, but also everything that is going on in the Netherlands. “It’s huge, it’s fun, it’s beautiful. Whatever it is, it’s been a great season. Of course we want to win and that’s what we’re going for. We’ll see the rest soon!’

Jos: ‘They needed a while to find the balance’

Max has to perform under enormous pressure in Abu Dhabi, but father Jos is not worried about it at all. The former Formula 1 driver says his son can perform great under pressure: “I myself did not expect that we would be driving that time in qualifying. It took them a while to find the balance on this track and they also made some changes during qualifying. When the track cooled down, it was suddenly there and it went the way he wanted.’

The Red Bull driver set the fastest lap during qualifying and will therefore start from pole position at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Hamilton starts in second and is therefore close to Verstappen. Jos does not expect his son to drive away from the start. ‘I don’t think it will get boring. We know how fast that Mercedes is, they really stick together for the entire race.’ The 49-year-old former driver knows how his son can win: “It has to stand out a bit for us, then we can win.”

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