Jos Verstappen explains what Max’s greatest strength is


Almost every race in 2021 Max Verstappen and Lewis Hamilton were on the podium. The two title rivals were very strong, but after a chaotic final phase of the race in Abu Dhabi, the Dutchman won the championship. Jos and Max look back on the season in which, according to father Jos, Saturdays were particularly strong.

“It is difficult to name one thing because he has shown so much,” the former F1 driver said in conversation with CarNext. “So many things happen during the season. But when I see him driving his car on the limit like in Q3 in Jeddah, it was an incredible lap.” Verstappen was almost assured of pole position here, but crashed in the last corner.

Verstappen senior was also amazed by his son in the very last race of the season. Again especially in qualifying. “Also in Abu Dhabi the qualifying round was unreal. He has such a special feeling in the car. It is unprecedented.”

‘You never know until the last bend’

Max looks at his mental approach to the season, one of the toughest things about his championship fight. “A lot of thoughts go through your mind. Every race, whether it goes well or not. You think a lot about this and when you wonder whether it is going well or not, you see it: it is not going well.”

“However, I keep telling myself not to give up. Just keep pushing and very smooth are every round. Trying to hit the apex and handle the tires well,” continues the 2021 world champion. “Constantly telling yourself not to give up. In the last race it didn’t look good, we were too slow.”

Giving up was not an option, however, because anything can still happen. This was also confirmed in Abu Dhabi. “I kept telling myself that something can happen. You never know until the last corner. This often happens during a race.”

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