Kelly Piquet shares holiday photos with Max Verstappen in Miami


Max Verstappen and Kelly Piquet are fully enjoying the winter break in Formula 1, according to the holiday photos that the Brazilian beauty shared on social media today. In a ten-part photo gallery, Piquet looks back on her vacation with Verstappen in Miami via Instagram.

After a blistering Formula 1 season, in which Verstappen narrowly managed to secure the title, a period has now come to fully recharge the battery. Verstappen and his girlfriend Piquet used this rest period to enjoy their friends and family together. They were already inseparable during the holidays, but the two then also stuck a vacation in Miami. Piquet shared the photos from this trip today and it shows that the couple really enjoyed themselves.

In the gallery of Instagram below you can see that Piquet and Verstappen have really put the flowers outside in Florida. In addition to enjoying Penelope Kvyat, Piquet’s daughter, together, they also sought out the nightlife. For example, they can be seen with drinks in a disco and a snapshot has also been thrown online of them enjoying a snack and a drink with friends on a yacht. Verstappen and Piquet have clearly used their well-deserved holiday well.

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