Latifi ‘didn’t want to influence’ on Verstappen-Hamilton title battle


Nicholas Latifi says it was not his intention to partly decide the title fight himself. The Williams driver crashed on lap 53 while going through Turn 14. It delivered a safety car phase, allowing Max Verstappen to close the gap to Lewis Hamilton and strike on the final lap to win.

“It was never my intention and I can only apologize for intervening,” the Canadian told “I just made a mistake.” The accident happened after a tough duel with Mick Schumacher. The Haas driver slightly pushed Latifi off the track at Turn 9, but the 26-year-old doesn’t blame him.

“I just didn’t have any grip in the corners after that,” Latifi continues. He was surprised about his crash: ‘The speed wasn’t that crazy and I didn’t hit the curb all the way, so it seemed okay. It was a difficult corner for me all weekend and now I made a mistake with dirty tires in the dirty air.’ Latifi already crashed into Turn 14 earlier this weekend, proving his point.

Latifi had no preference between Verstappen and Hamilton

Latifi says he was not aware of the situation at the front of the field during his accident: ‘Until then I didn’t know anything. Of course it was never my intention to influence that, but I made a mistake and ruined my own race.” Finally, the Williams man is asked who he would rather have as world champion, but he subtly dodges: ‘I had no preference.’

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